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It’s very complete package for a freebie, it has a few samples of each category


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Awesome pack Don't be fooled by the higher price tag than other overlays. The quality is much better and the volumetric feel saves me a ton of work in PS :) Can recommend!

Steen Marquard - SMOG Overlays

Cape Overlays v.1
Cape Overlays v.1
Sale price$104.99
Electro Overlays
Electro Overlays
Sale price$104.99
SMOG Overlays v.1
SMOG Overlays v.1
Sale price$104.99

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This library of 3D bokeh textures is designed to add imperfections and artistic lens effects to your artwork. With 10 unique shapes and multiple variations of each, you'll have endless options to make your renders stand out. Pro Bokeh includes 480 textures total, split evenly between sharp and blurred versions, you'll have everything you need to create a natural, photorealistic, or edgy creative look.

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