Terms frequently used in this agreement are capitalized and have outlined in bold text along with their definitions below:

Site refers to the CG Hacks LLC website (www.cghacks.com), APIs, software, source codes used to provide services, user interface layouts, designs, images, icons, text, and all other intellectual property protected under the copyright or any other proprietary right and located at the cghacks.com domain.

An Account is the User Account created by the purchasing entity, whether that is a natural person or a corporate entity. The rights granted in this agreement are awarded to the purchasing entity or its parent company, which you or the Account holder represents.

Photos are a collection of one or more digital images packaged in the form of a product (Photo Packs, Overlays, or Textures) on the Site and made available to the License holder or authorized third party in the form of downloadable .JPG, .PNG, .RAW, .CSH, .ZIP, or Other file formats.

Models are a collection of one or more digital 3D models packaged as a product ( Asset Kits or 3D Models) on the Site and made available to the License holder or authorized third party in the form of downloadable .OBJ, .FBX, .ZIP, or Other file formats.

Content refers to Photos and Models, videos, or any other digital files, including but not limited to: Packs, Images, Brushes, Kits and Models, Materials, Videos, and all other assets for digital creation or training made available on the Site.

Creations refer to any work created by you or your employees that incorporates Content and to which you or the entity for which you have created them owns the copyrights, which by itself can qualify as an original work of authorship.

The License refers to this agreement and its terms to which the Licensee constitutes acceptance of the rights and restrictions specified in this document.

Content purchased under any License Type grants the licensed user the following rights or contains the following properties:

Royalty-Free: Rights to use the Content are paid once, and there are no future fees or payable royalties to CG Hacks LLC.

Commercial: You may sell and distribute any commercial products or Creations made with the Content.

Perpetual: There is no expiry or end date on your rights to use the Content once a License has been obtained. 

Worldwide: Licenses are granted worldwide without any imposed border restrictions or embargoes.

Unlimited: Content can be used for any amount of commercial, non-commercial, or educational purposes and projects.

Non-Exclusive: You do not have exclusive rights to use the Content. CG Hacks LLC reserves the right to license the same Content to other users.

Ownership: You are not granted title or ownership to Content. The copyright to the Content remains with CG Hacks LLC.

Content can be used freely and is intended for incorporated use in the following types of Creations:

Concept art, illustration, matte painting, video games, movies & film, television shows, CGI, 3D scenes and models, arch-viz, pre-visualizations, VR products, graphic design, multimedia projects, advertising, and any other digital or printed media where our Photos or Models are incorporated and do not comprise the primary value of the products intended sale or distribution. 

If Content is found to be used in an unauthorized way, CG Hacks LLC may, at its own discretion, terminate your Account, its associated purchases, and your License rights as well as limit access to our services or pursue other penalties, damages, losses, and profits as CG Hacks LLC is entitled to under this agreement or by law or equity.

The following lists the uses of our products that are explicitly prohibited:

False Attribution: You may NOT falsely represent yourself as the creator or author of Photos or Models, image assets, training content, or intellectual property.

Re-Distribution: You may NOT sell, share, redistribute, publish, or otherwise make Photos or Models available to any third party except as incorporated in the form of permitted Creations or when shared in a manner specifically authorized in this agreement.

Competitive Products: You may NOT use Photos or Models in any way or for any purpose that may directly compete with CG Hacks LLC, the Site, its services, or the Content itself.

Group Buying: You may NOT collect funds to purchase or share Content with one or more other parties.

Sharing Accounts: You may NOT share or provide access to Accounts or its associated Content other than to those authorized under the conditions and terms of this agreement.

Obscene/Unlawful Use: You may NOT use Content in a pornographic, defamatory, obscene, racist, or otherwise unlawful manner or in violation of any applicable regulations.

CG Hacks LLC reserves the right to investigate its customers in order to prevent violations and may inquire to provide certain information, documents, or other forms of proof to help verify the License holders' legitimacy.

Your License is perpetual, meaning there is no expiry or end date on your rights to use the Content once it has been purchased unless terminated based on the conditions described below:

Chargeback: Any reversal of transaction notice we receive from your bank, credit card issuer or Paypal may temporarily or permanently terminate any and all rights granted under this agreement.

Technological Failure: If a payment or transaction was unsuccessful, but Content was accessible through a technological failure or bug, your rights and access to Content and Account may be restricted until the issue has been resolved.

Violation of Terms: Failure to abide by the terms of this agreement may terminate your License rights immediately and permanently, as well as suspend your Account and access to purchased Content.

In case of License termination under one or more of these conditions, you and any third party with access to Content must cease all usage, storage, and distribution and destroy all copies of Content.

CG Hacks LLC reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time. You can check the "Last Updated" date at the bottom of this page. Changes to this License Agreement will only affect Licenses obtained after the date of such amendments. The rights and restrictions granted to you are those presented here at the time of your purchase. If there are significant changes to this statement that will affect how our products can be used in the future, users will be notified via email and or banner on our website (www.cghacks.com).

We encourage users to review this page on a regular basis to ensure you stay up to date with our agreement terms.

Last Updated 5/23/2022