DARK MAGIC - Discord Community Challenge

DARK MAGIC - Discord Community Challenge

Flex your creative skills and win big! Prizes include our full suite of VFX Overlays and epic photoshop plugins from Composite Nation!
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Welcome to our first CG Hacks Community Halloween Challenge in partnership with Composite Nation!

Our theme is DARK MAGIC!

This is a still image challenge! Use your creative ju-ju to summon the dark forces. Feel free to use 2D, 3D or composite photography skill sets to unleash your magic!


How To Enter The Challenge 

  • Be a member of the CG Hacks Community on Discord ➡ https://discord.gg/jscFUwPRNq
  • Use VFX Overlays from CG Hacks - a free mini pack is included below.
  • Follow CG Hacks and Composite Nation on Instagram. @cghacks @compositenation
  • Post your final artworks in the Discord Community in the "final-submissions" channel for our challenge!
  • Share your artwork (still image) on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #CGHchallenge


🎁 - Download Your Free Mini Pack!

To enter into the challenge, download the FREE Mini Pack containing a selection of our Photoshop VFX Overlays and 3D textures!

FREE MINI PACK ➡ https://cghacks.com/products/free-mini-pack

🗓️  Challenge Dates 

October 15 - Kickoff ( 10am EST )

October 30th - Challenge Deadline ( 10am EST )

November 5th ( 3:00pm EST ) -  Winners Announced Via Discord & Social!

💰 Prizes

Submissions will be collectively judged by CG Hacks and Composite Nation. Find the prizes below!

🥇1st Place

  • x6 CG HACKS VFX Overlay Libraries ($900 Value) Smog, Fire FX, Electro, Floating Rocks, Capes, Mystic Smoke.
  • Composite Nation Plugins ($200 Value) Oniric Glow, BreakGen

🥈2nd Place

  • x4 CG HACKS VFX Overlay Libraries ($600 Value) - Your choice of packs!

🥉3rd Place

  • X2 CG HACKS VFX Overlay Libraries ($300 Value) - Your choice of packs!

🏅4th-5th Place - Honorable Mentions

All prize winners will be contacted to receive prizes. Prizes will be awarded directly through the CG Hacks account at www.cghacks.com, and through Composite Nation at www.compositenation.com

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